Characters and Stories

Science Ninjas is set in a familiar but futuristic world, where Science Ninja Eureka Fermi leads her team of Science Ninjas against obstacles they can only overcome with the clever application of scientific and engineering principles. Each story teaches a specific science concept.

How do rockets work? Chemical Reactions -  Rocket Ninjas

How do rockets work? Chemical Reactions - Rocket Ninjas

How do you build a bridge? -  Arrows and Gumdrops

How do you build a bridge? - Arrows and Gumdrops

How does friction work? -  Friction Heats Things Up

How does friction work? - Friction Heats Things Up

Why do Clouds float? Gas Density -  Journey to the Bottom of the Sky

Why do Clouds float? Gas Density - Journey to the Bottom of the Sky

What is the Scientific Method? -  6 Paths of the Method

What is the Scientific Method? - 6 Paths of the Method

How can a bug stand on the water -  Surface Tension

How can a bug stand on the water - Surface Tension

So, who are Science Ninjas?

Eureka Fermi

Element: Hydrogen
11-Year Old Eureka Fermi has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and black belts in Judo, Jujitsu, and Taekwondo. Always cool, occasionally aloof, she's ready to do what it takes to get the job done. She's usually chewing a brand of sugarless bubblegum she synthesized herself (her favorite flavor is strawberry).

Carlos Einstein

Element: Carbon
Carlos Einstein has been genetically engineered to be faster, stronger, more durable, and hungrier than any 10-year-old on the planet. While not a genius like his commanding officer Eureka, Carlos has a good spirit and a broad curiosity about the natural world. Carlos is just a cadet and not a full-ranked Science Ninja.

Mei Wu

Element: Sodium
Arrogant and quick to anger, Mei is a Genetically Modified Handful. Her amazing abilities, including heightened strength, speed, and durability, are offset by her abrasive and uncooperative behavior. Perhaps her defensiveness and low opinion of anyone from the science-phobic land of Maculani are just defenses against the judgment she feels as a GMH.

Dr. Calvin Davy

Element: Calcium
Remarkably bright, if Dr. Davy took his ninja duties as seriously as his science, he would rival Eureka in his abilities. As such, he's more of a lover than a fighter, seeing missions and labwork as opportunities to forge friendships and socialize.

Sloop'eeku Okiedokie

Element: Oxygen
The fiercely independent princess of the Water Ninjas came to the Science Ninjas out of a desire to help others. A curious stranger in a strange land, Sloopy is torn between the simple and natural beauty of the River Kingdom and the exciting modern world of the Science Ninjas. Sloopy wouldn't consider herself a flirt - it's just her duty as a princess to explore suitable matches!

Lo'Jian the Ascetic

Element: Potassium
While the disciplined Monk has near mastery over his body, he has less control over the expansive curiosity of his mind. That's how a monk from Maculani started corresponding with Science Ninja Eureka Fermi on how to teach the mysteries of nature to his order. When Maculani warlords learned of Lo'Jian's heresy, he fled to Newton to continue his training. While his vows prevent him from romantic relationships, he loves to play the matchmaker.


Element: Fluorine
Little is known about the Maculani spy who always shows up in the wrong place at the right time. While aiding the Science Ninjas at crucial times, Rascal's real agenda remains mysterious - in fact, no one even knows whether Rascal is a boy or a girl.

Dr. Tox

Element: Chlorine
Operating from the Shadows, Dr. Tox's missions are classified at the highest level. Reporting directly to the Science Ninjas' mysterious leader Shogun, Dr. Tox's name alone inspires fear in enemy and ally alike.