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Periodic Table Poster with NEW Superheavy Elements!


Our Periodic Table is updated with the NEW super-heavy elements added in late 2016! Get the most up-to-date Periodic Table for your home or classroom!

Join the thousands of people who are already using ninjas to learn chemistry!

The brainchild of two PhD's in chemical engineering along with a New York Times best-selling cartoonist on a mission to stimulate scientific curiosity, Valence packs a powerful understanding of chemistry into an addictively good-natured game that will hit the spot for kids ages 8-12.

Learn the surprisingly simple rules here!

"Playing the game definitely helped with the students' abilities and enthusiasm for chemistry."

Shari Hiltbrand, Middle School Science Teacher at the Kincaid School, Houston, TX

"Games are usually either boring and instructive or violent and fun. This one is lots of fun (hence kids flocking around the table the whole time!!!) and you learn cool stuff."

-Gisela, mother of Linus, age 11

"As I was putting Carolina to bed she was telling me how much she loved the game and she was so bummed that she would have to wait so long to buy it...ha ha, it was a hit!"

-Val, mother of Carolina, age 7